The stories you read on this site are the result of research and documentation work done by competent photographers and writers. We, the editorial team of iklimku, always try to make the stories presented have informative and up-to-date elements. We are aware that the impact of what happened today did not just come. However, starting from natural processes many years ago to things caused by humans.

Through this long research and documentation process, stories of climate change and the environment that were previously not reported can reach you through the medium of this site.

The birth of iklimku is not only intended as a medium to convey stories about climate change and the environment. However, since its inception, iklimku has been intended as a joint campaign space to make people aware of the importance of anticipating climate change and the environment. Because this problem cannot be solved by just one or two people, it takes mutual willingness to be aware of changes that occur, whether changes are big things or small in the environment around us.

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